Government workers rely on Microsoft. That could be a security problem, Google claims

Google Cloud has published the results of a survey that it says shows the pervasive use of Microsoft tools in government is making workers less secure.

The company, via the pollster Public Opinion Strategies, asked workers about their thoughts of the US government’s reliance on Office and Microsoft’s productivity software like Word, Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive. 

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Respondents were asked: “Do you believe the federal government’s reliance on products and services from Microsoft makes it more vulnerable or less vulnerable to hacking or a cyberattack?”

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The 2,600 people surveyed by Google Cloud included 600 workers from the D.C. metro area and 338 federal, state, or local governments employees from across the US.

Nationwide, 60% of government employees said the government’s reliance on Microsoft’s productivity tech does make it more vulnerable. In the D.C. metro area, 57%

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