Groove Ransomware Gang Asks Extortion Groups to Attack US Interests

Following the recent event, when REvil ransomware‘s infrastructure was taken down by law enforcement, the Groover ransomware gang has begun to react to what happened. So they have started to ask extortion groups to engage in attacking the interests of the US.

REvil Ransomware Taken Down

The infrastructure of the REvil ransomware was taken down during the weekend, on the 17th of October, after their web domains were compromised by a third party. A REvil ransomware operator noticed that some anonymous party engaged in altering files to trick the threat actor to access a website that was under the same party’s control.

Here is a post from a forum in this sense:

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It was then confirmed by the news organization Reuters that law enforcement together with the FBI managed to take down REvil’s operation.

Groove Ransomware Gang Reacts

Groove Ransomware gang started to react to what happened and according to BleepingComputer publication, they said in a Russian blog post published on the 22nd of October that they were appealing to the other extortion groups to join efforts and start targeting US interests.

The same blog post, however, warns that Chinese companies should not be targeted, as this

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