Hackers are targeting this 'easy target'. Here's how to protect yourself

Construction firms are being offered tailored advice on how to protect themselves from cyber attacks and other online threats in new guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC),  the cybersecurity arm of intelligence agency GCHQ.

The new ‘cyber security for construction businesses‘ guide is designed to provide practical advice to organisations in the construction industry on how to protect businesses and building projects from cyber threats.

The report warns that the construction industry faces threats from cyber criminals, ransomware gangs, malicious insiders and nation-state hacking operations.

“Recent high profile cyber attacks against the construction industry illustrate how businesses of all sizes are being targeted by criminals,” NCSC said. Construction businesses are seen by cyber criminals as an “easy target”, the guide said, as many have high cash-flows, while the extensive use of sub-contractors and suppliers involving large numbers of high value payments makes construction businesses an attractive target for spear phishing.

“As construction firms adopt more digital ways of working, it’s vital they put protective measures in place to stay safe online – in the same way you’d wear a hard hat on site,” said Sarah Lyons, NCSC director for economy and society resilience.

“By following the recommended steps, businesses can significantly

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