Hacking Group Has PS5 Root Encryption Keys

A hacking group dubbed Fail0verflow announced on Twitter that they have got the PS5 root encryption keys. These types of keys are usually used to perform PS5’s firmware decryption. Using these root keys could lead to the unlock of the gaming console, further resulting in homebrew software installation.

Hackers Have PS5 Root Encryption Keys: Details

They tweeted about this on the 8th of November, on Sunday evening, announcing having in possession the PlayStation 5 root keys.

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The picture posted on Twitter seems to contain data related to the PS5’s decrypted firmware. The code listed there seems to indicate some system’s secure loader. Decrypted firmware analysis could lead to code reverse engineering, allowing customized firmware creation. If this happens, they could use this to load homebrew software.

To extract the system software program of PS5 and the installing of a substitute can be done with the help of an exploit, as Cyware mentions. What this type of exploit would do is to provide a learn or write entry to the safe kernel of PlayStation 5.

The hacking group that made this announcement on Twitter did not give information on what exploit they used or if they used

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