HackRead & Verify announce strategic partnership to combat crypto scams and hacks

Hackread.com has adopted a strategic partnership with Verify Token to help educate investors to make crypto safer for all.

As world economies reel from the unprecedented disruption of a modern global pandemic and as the world’s population learns to adapt; there lurks behind the scenes a pandemic that threatens to decimate businesses and lives long after Covid-19 becomes a distant, albeit horrible memory confined to the annuls of history.

The Covid-19 Pandemic saw a global shift towards remote and hybrid working. Almost instantaneously, businesses large and small had to gear the way they conducted business. This urgency and lack of preparedness had one group of people consumed in a mass orgy of excitement. People who often revel in such crises – the cybercriminals, scammers, and fraudsters.

If traditional cybercrime was not enough to whet the appetite of these groups and/or individuals, there is a new sector for them to get their teeth into. A sector valued at over $1trillion that is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. 

The sector in question is Cryptocurrency. Not only is this sector awash with money; but it is also populated by an ever-increasing number of people who are novices at best when

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