Healthcare security: IT pros warn of vulnerable HVAC systems, imaging machines, check-in kiosks and more

IT professionals have seen increased cyber risk over the last 12 months, according to a survey from cybersecurity company Armis.

Armis and Censuswide spoke with 400 IT professionals working in healthcare organizations across the US as well as 2,030 general respondents, finding that nearly 60% of IT respondents had dealt with a ransomware incident at their organization over the last year.  

According to Armis, there are about 430 million connected medical devices already in deployment worldwide, leaving many hospitals vulnerable to a variety of cybersecurity flaws in pneumatic tubes, technologies used in HVAC systems, B. Braun infusion pumps and more.

More than 32% of general respondents said they had been the victim of a healthcare cybersecurity attack and IT professionals said they are most worried about the kind of hospital data breaches that have become commonplace in recent years. 

More than half of IT respondents said data breaches leading to the leak of confidential patient data was a top concern. After data breaches, 23% of IT professionals were most concerned about attacks on hospital operations and 13% cited ransomware attacks as a concern. 

Building systems like HVACs and electrical devices were the most risky from a cybersecurity perspective, according to 54% of IT

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