Heimdal™ Black Friday E-Fraud Study Reveals Upsurge in Cryptomining Domains

In studying the dynamics of e-fraud in relation to commercial holidays, Heimdal™ Security has discovered that e-fraud activity shows a steady increase, especially in the cryptomining area. Per the study, more than 30% of malicious domains identified during the crawled Black Friday period (i.e. in or around November the 13th 2020) either are tied to illicit cryptomining activity or contain cryptomining software with auto-download and execution features. All of the domains mentioned in this article have been inspected and blocked by Heimdal™ Security.

Black Friday and the Cryptomining Surge

Causal vs. conjectural analysis has underlined that the data retrieved by Heimdal™ throughout the aforementioned timeframe supports the statement that illicit cryptomining activity has intensified compared to non-commercial-holidays-related timespans.

Experience dictates that consumer behavior should be adapted to counter these types of incidents (e.g. Black Friday and similar events are notoriously known to encourage borderline legal business practices such as fake discounts, aggressive marketing campaigns for misrepresented products, etc.). The online world is no stranger to this kind of ‘extralegal’ activity – from phishing campaigns to sophisticated cyberattacks, threat actors would do just about anything to spirit away financial credentials and line their pockets.

The data gathered by Heimdal™ proves that

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