Heimdal™ Security Rolls Out Patch & Asset Management for Linux Systems

Heimdal™ has recently unveiled its newest addition to the Patch & Asset Management suite – the patch and vulnerability management module for Linux systems. With the latest inclusion, Heimdal takes one step further towards bridging the compatibility gap in automatic patch management. The module is now available in the Unified Threat Dashboard (UTD), where our customers can generate Linux-specific Group Policies, gather information on historical and current vulnerabilities, take asset and hardware inventories, and much more.

Patch & Asset Management for Linux at a Glance

The newly-released patching module will retain all of the functions currently touted by its Windows counterpart. By implementing this module, our customers will be able to download & deploy patches and update packages for OS, 3rd party, and proprietary applications, the latter aspect being covered by Heimdal’s Infinity Management. At present, the module will cover most security and non-security-related updates, with the exception of Optional updates, which will feature in the upcoming iterations of the product.

Once operational, the module will conduct an exhaustive inventory of all Linux hardware and software assets. This information will subsequently be relayed to the Unified Threat Dashboard and organized according to risk, importance, and availability.

Highlighting Heimdal’s proactive security

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