His boss said the spy camera proved he was lazy. His response was brilliant

The camera lies all the time.

Image: iStock/ Borislav

Technology erodes trust.

That’s my philosophical thought of the day.

The more humans have become embedded in technology’s core, the more it’s turned them into paranoid spies.

Spy cameras and other software now seem de rigueur for companies. They want to spy on you in the office. They even want to spy on you when you’re working from home.

Trust you to do your job? What do you think this is, 1982?

I was moved to significant raptures, then, by a story told by a warehouse employee.

Taking to Reddit, he offered a texted exchange between him and his boss. 

The boss wasn’t happy. They began: “Good evening.”

Your boss is texting you in the evening? Quite the definition of ugly.

Continued the boss: “I was reviewing the cameras from our shift today and noticed that you were sitting on a stool for the majority of your shift. This is completely unacceptable behavior and we will be discussing it tomorrow before shift.”

The boss has a way with words, certainly. A way that may encourage some to offer him a less than sly headbutt.

His employee offered a rather more factual response: “I cleared it with [Lead’s

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