Home Affairs seeking support to build out Australia's identity-matching system

The Department of Home Affairs is looking for an organisation to help it build and deploy components for the country’s identity-matching services (IDMS), as well as host and manage elements of the existing IDMS system.

The IDMS was established to prevent the use of false and stolen identities, provide law enforcement with tools to help identify persons of interest, and enable other government agencies to deliver services. This was established after the political heads of Australia’s states and territories unanimously agreed to it in 2017.

It comprises three components, with one being the documentation verification service (DVS), a national online service used to check in real time whether a particular evidence-of-identity document that has been presented is authentic, accurate, and up to date.

Another is a face-matching services hub (FMS), which acts as “broker” that facilities identity-related requests for biometric and biographic data between requesting agencies and data holding agencies.

The third component is the national driver licence facial recognition solution (NDLFRS), which is used to verify a person’s identity using their facial image or driver’s licence issued by each state and territory road agency.

In a request for tender, the Department of Home Affairs outlined it is seeking help

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