How artificial intelligence is changing social engineering

When I was first learning about social engineering, I remember listening to a recording of different phone calls to Starbucks. I was astounded how easy it was to obtain sensitive information like partner and employee numbers.

Since then, social engineers have evolved, equipping themselves with the futuristic tools of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to further exploit human psychology and gain access to systems and data.

Below are just a few of the new tools in a hacker’s arsenal.

New social engineering tools: Catch me my AI, if you can Voice transfer AI

New voice technology allows attackers to impersonate the sound of their chosen target. For example, a cybercriminal recently used voice imitation to defraud a company for $243,000. The social engineer utilized AI to mimic the voice of the CEO of a company and succeeded in transferring large amounts of funds to their accounts. Check out the quick demo below of how voice transfer AI works:


Deepfake technology has made it easy to create convincing counterfeit videos, leaving politicians and the media very nervous. You can learn how cybercriminals use deepfakes — and even create your own deepfake video — in my Infosec Skills course on

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