How big data analytics helps enterprises improve cybersecurity

Big data analytics can be directed to several use cases, like marketing, talent management, sales forecasting, or in this case, cybersecurity. Let’s dig into hows and whats of it.

Cybersecurity has been a headache for enterprises almost since the beginning of the business internet, but in the last couple of years the pressure has ramped up a notch. 

Hackers keep evolving to keep pace with security systems, so as the network of firewalls, malware scanners, and threat detection tools became more sophisticated, so did malicious actors bent on evading them. 

The pandemic didn’t help matters either. Phishing attacks grew by an average of 70% in the past year, and the average cost of a data breach rose to $21,659 in 2021. Everyone wants to find better ways to secure their IT networks, but only around a quarter of enterprises feel confident that their security is good enough. 

This is where big data analytics can step in. Big data was quickly and heartily embraced by sales and marketing departments, but now other departments like HR, finance, and, crucially, IT teams are adopting it. 

What is big data analytics for cybersecurity?

Every organization generates tons of data daily, streaming in

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