How Cybersecurity Businesses are Tackling the Ukraine War: CyberNews Exclusive Interview

Copenhagen, April 26, 2022 – To discuss what the war in Ukraine will bring to the cybersecurity industry, Heimdal™ CEO Morten Kjærsgaard sat down with CyberNews, a leading research-based online publication that educates and protects consumers around the world from complex security risks.

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Because of the war in Ukraine, rates of state-initiated cyberattacks skyrocketed to impossible heights, with a big part of them focused on acquiring further funding for on-land warfare. 

This brought on not only new cybersecurity challenges but also undeniable growth in the cyber sector. With small and large businesses being excessively targeted by cybercriminals, everyone scrambles to get some sort of cyber insurance, either financially or by building strong defense systems. 

Do you believe the war in Ukraine is going to boost the cyber sector’s growth?

Absolutely yes, and for multiple reasons. First of all, we already see governments across Europe and the United States pushing businesses to do more about their cyber defenses. Some also have financial incentives to do so. 

Furthermore, businesses across Europe and the United States are naturally inclined to protect their commercial interests, and with the

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