How Data Analytics and AI Solve the Toughest Global Problems

Can technologies combining data analytics and artificial intelligence save the world from its growing problems? Yes, it is possible!

Data has an essential place in the structure of the modern world. Every day, Internet users generate a massive amount of data by creating and sharing posts and making search queries. However, this is only a tiny part of the global data landscape, which continues to grow due to the availability of various passive data collection methods using low-cost information-sensing devices.

Up-to-date processing and analysis methods make it possible to get valuable information from the vast amount of generated and stored data. But why do we need all of this? 

Information plays a vital role in improving the life of society, developing sustainable production, and preserving the environment. People from different industries are interested in using data analytics because it helps them make better decisions.

In addition, the data allows predicting various events and minimizing damage. For example, EOS Data Analytics offers data-driven solutions for agriculture and forestry that provide extensive monitoring, control, and improved management capabilities. In this article, we will talk about how data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies are helping humanity to overcome global challenges.

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