How much can you make with an associate in cybersecurity?

An associate degree in cybersecurity gives you the knowledge and skills to work on the front lines of electronic data safety while taking home a lucrative salary.

The degree also allows you to pursue additional education to increase your earning potential. 

Because so many daily activities rely on technology, an associate degree in cybersecurity opens the door to entry-level positions across industries. As a two-year degree, an associate degree prepares you to work as a computer support specialist, data analyst, information security associate, and more. 

Below, we’ve rounded up what you need to know about associate degree in cybersecurity salary and job options.

Jobs for a cybersecurity associate degree

Cybersecurity, defined as the practice of keeping electronic information safe, extends into private and public sectors, through business and education, and across professions. Cybersecurity jobs include entry-level positions such as penetration testers and advanced roles like cybersecurity engineers. 

Cybersecurity job salaries vary by location and job title, as well as your experience, degree level, and other qualifications. Here are some common jobs for individuals with an associate degree in cybersecurity.

Computer support specialist

Median salary (2020): $55,510

Description: Computer support specialists, also known as technical support specialists, provide assistance when technology-related problems arise. They help

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