How Russia's invasion of Ukraine threatens the IT industry

A view of Kiev, Ukraine.

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Editorial Note: In response to Russia’s “unprovoked attack on Ukraine” on February 23, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) published an updated set of cybersecurity recommendations for organizations.

In the five years since I first explored the potential impact of a Digital Cold War on the IT industry, tensions with Russia have gotten worse, especially following a series of cyberattacks on systems in the United States. These include Russia’s involvement in the SolarWinds breach, as well as its interference with the 2016 US presidential elections via attacks on the Democratic National Committee infrastructure and the purchasing of tens of millions of ads on Facebook in an attempt to sow discontent among US voters.

Under Vladimir Putin’s leadership, the nation has focused on international cybersecurity activity for many years.

Ukraine Crisis Ukraine invasion

Under the pretext of “Peacekeeping operations,” Russia has now initiated a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Presumably, Russia also has been responsible for recent cyberattacks on Ukrainian banks.

In response, the United States, NATO nations, and allied countries have imposed numerous economic sanctions on Russia, including blocking its two state-owned banks from debt trading on US and European markets and freezing their assets under US jurisdictions, as well as freezing

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