How SQL injection attacks work: Examples and video walkthrough

Injection attacks are the number one web application security risk, according to the OWASP Top 10. Learn how they work and how you can defend against them in this walkthrough from Infosec Skills author John Wagnon.

How to prevent SQL injection

In this episode of Cyber Work Applied, John explains what a SQL injection attack is and walks through how easily an attacker could gain unauthorized access to a web application built upon insecure code.

Watch the full breakdown below of how the attack works:

How an SQL injection attack works | Free Cyber Work Applied series

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SQL injection attack walkthrough

The edited transcript of the SQL injection attack walkthrough video is provided below, separated into each step John covers in the video.

How does an injection attack work?

(0:00–1:04) Have you ever heard of an injection attack? It’s the number one critical security risk for web

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