How to find the perfect security partner for your company

An external security partner provides a valuable service: security testing, paired with objective advice on how to keep your applications secure. They often make the difference between protecting your data and suffering a breach, and that means you don’t want to hire just anybody — you want to hire the right security partner for your company’s needs. 

Not all advisors are created equal, so you’ll want to choose carefully and consider a variety of factors: Do you need a product or a service? A tool-centric or human-centric partner? What specialization does your company need?

Different companies have different security needs, and by gaining an understanding of the main differences between security providers, you can select the right partner to protect your assets. 

Products vs. services

First, you’ll want to decide what form your security solution should take. There are three types of security companies: companies that sell only products, companies that sell only services and companies that sell both. 

Assuming your goal is to find and eradicate security vulnerabilities so you can build secure software systems, that goal requires an advisor. By definition, that’s a service, so you can rule out product-only companies (note: you will need products too for aspects

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