How to Find Your Opportunity with Innovative Technologies

Innovative technologies such as blockchain, drones, and internet of things might seem a bit futuristic and out of the purview of many managed services providers. But these technologies have practical applications but a limited talent pipeline that can execute those functions—a combination that presents a perfect opportunity for enterprising MSPs looking to get involved, according to panelists in a “Tech in 2022 and Beyond” session during an Emerging Technology Community meeting at CompTIA’s Communities & Councils Forum.

Decentralizing Data with Blockchain

When many people hear the term blockchain, their minds frequently jump to cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do utilize blockchain technology, the applications for blockchain greatly exceed that of decentralized finance. As a distributed ledger system that allows people to create transactions between multiple parties in a shared space, this emerging technology is vital for decentralizing data. In other words, blockchain and applications for it can be used to meet many business needs today, according to Adam Lesh, CTO of The Maker Foundry and co-chair of CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council.

Data has become increasingly valuable as businesses seek ways to better understand their customers and companies gather information. The web has evolved significantly and continues to become

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