How to identify (and avoid) security threats while shopping online

Although you want to grab the best deals this holiday weekend, remember that this is the perfect time for scammers to take advantage of you online.

Phishing emails — claiming to be from a store, bank, credit card company, etc. — will entice you to click links that go to copies of legitimate websites. From there, they will try to extract your passwords or credit card information. 

As your inbox fills up with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, remember that not all is as it seems. Lamar Bailey, director of security research and development at Tripwire, warns, “Not all of the emails will be legit, as attackers will take valid emails and change the links to point you to malicious sites that may look like the real things.”

Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer at Cybereason, advises that people with balances on multiple credit cards might “receive an email pretending to be from the credit card company saying their account is overdue and is subject to being shut down unless they make a minimum monthly payment. The unsuspecting consumer gives away their credit card information and other personable identifiable information.”

Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault (now AT&T Cybersecurity), confirms this, advising you

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