How to Securely Access Remote Desktop?

Having secure remote access for employees and following best practices is essential to keep your data secure. In the past few months, companies in all industries have worked intensively with the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to maintain their business while maintaining physical distancing. 

Since remote desktop access allows a corporate device to be accessed from anywhere globally over the public internet, security is an important consideration.

If you use remote access to provide support to your customers ‘computers and devices, you can potentially put your customers’ data at risk as well whenever a security issue arises. It can cause irreparable damage to your reputation and your business. The good thing is there are multiple ways to secure remote desktop access. Binding an SSL certificate to an RDP is one of the best practices. 

What is RDP?

RDP is a network communication protocol developed by Microsoft. It is available on most Windows operating systems and provides a graphical user interface that allows users to access a server or other computer remotely. 

The display of the remote server is transmitted to the client computer via RDP, and the remote server can be operated via the input devices of the client

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