How to tell if someone is using your iPhone to spy on you (and how to put a stop to it)

Smartphones like the iPhone  are home to so much information.

Texts, emails, financial, medical. Then on top of that, smartphones can be used to track our movements and what we do online.

It’s vital to keep them secured.

But what do you do if someone has figured out a way into your iPhone? How do you even know if someone has found a way into your iPhone?

Yeah, scary, isn’t it.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been assisting someone in this exact position. Someone that they trusted turned out not to be worthy of that trust and

The first reaction of most people is to change their passcode, but that’s not where I’d start.

Note: If someone does have access to your iPhone, either because they’ve guessed your passcode, or by another means, remember that making changes to revoke that access will be noticeable to them.

Here’s the process that I follow for securing an iPhone that someone might have gained access to:

#1: Reboot

There’s a reason we start with a reboot. Bottom line, if someone has compromised an iPhone using a jailbreak or some other exploit, a simple reboot should get rid of it.

Instruction on how to reboot

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