How to transform compliance training into a catalyst for behavior change

Inflection Point Systems was tasked with strengthening cybersecurity education for their 200-plus employees across the U.S. and Mexico. The result? A major shift in employee behaviors and recognition as an Infosec Security Awareness Awards winner.

Adapting to new cybersecurity risks

As an ISO 27001 certified software company, security awareness training isn’t just a top priority at Inflection Point — it’s woven into the company’s fabric.

So when its 200-plus employees moved offsite to work from home during the pandemic, Lorena Garza, Information Security Lead, knew it was time to step up their security training game. After all, new risks came with the new work-from-home environment.

“When you are in the office, you feel a little bit more in control of your users and their practices or behaviors, but once we started working from home, the concern came directly from upper management.”

Elevating awareness while keeping learners engaged

With full support from the leaders of her organization, Garza launched new initiatives using Infosec IQ awareness and training, including semi-regular phishing simulations and monthly educational campaigns based on the Need To Know and Power Up programs.

These campaigns feature engaging training modules, assessments and supporting resources such as posters, infographics and newsletters.

“We also like to

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