HTTPS threats grow more than 314% through 2021: Report

Cybersecurity firm Zscaler has released their latest State of Encrypted Attacks Report, highlighting the growth in HTTPS threats since January as well as other attacks facing tech companies and retailers. 

The report found that HTTPS threats have increased by more than 314% while attacks on tech companies grew by 2,300% and retail companies saw an 800% increase in attacks. According to the report, the tech industry accounted for 50% of all attacks they tracked. Instances of malware were up 212% in the report and phishing rose by 90%. 

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The report tracks more than 20 billion threats blocked over HTTPS and analyzes about 190 billion daily transactions through its Zero Trust Exchange that took place from January to September. From there, the Zscaler ThreatlabZ research team goes through the data to compile the report. 

Deepen Desai, CISO at Zscaler, said most enterprise IT and security teams struggle to implement SSL/TLS inspection policies due to a lack of compute resources and/or privacy concerns.

“As a result, encrypted channels create a significant blind spot in their security postures. Zscaler’s new report on the state of encrypted attacks demonstrates that the most effective way to prevent encrypted

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