Hybrid cloud brings benefits. But it also brings new cybersecurity risks, too

The use of cloud computing applications has grown significantly in the last two years as the Covid-19 pandemic forced many organisations to adapt to remote working.

Many of those businesses may never go back to being fully on-premises, either because they are switching to a permanently remote model or a hybrid model where employees balance their time between working remotely and working from the office.

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Managing the Multicloud

It’s easier than ever for enterprises to take a multicloud approach, as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform all share customers. Here’s a look at the issues, vendors and tools involved in the management of multiple clouds.

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While this has brought benefits, the increased use of cloud applications and services also brings security risks. Employees can now access corporate applications from anywhere — and that can be exploited by cyber criminals.

A successful phishing email attack, or a leaked or easily-guessed username and password, could provide an attacker with access to a user account and a gateway to the entire network. And because the user is remote, potentially malicious activity might not get picked up until it’s too late, if

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