In-the-wild DDoS attack can be launched from a single packet to create terabytes of traffic

Security researchers from Akamai, Cloudflare, Lumen Black Lotus Labs, Mitel, Netscour, Team Cymru, Telus, and The Shadowserver Foundation have disclosed denial-of-service attacks with an amplification ratio that surpasses 4 billion to one that can be launched from a single packet.

Dubbed CVE-2022-26143, the flaw resides in around 2,600 incorrectly provisioned Mitel MiCollab and MiVoice Business Express systems that act as PBX-to-internet gateways and have a test mode that should not be exposed to the internet.

“The exposed system test facility can be abused to launch a sustained DDoS attack of up to 14 hours in duration by means of a single spoofed attack initiation packet, resulting in a record-setting packet amplification ratio of 4,294,967,296:1,” a blog post on Shadowserver explains.

“It should be noted that this single-packet attack initiation capability has the effect of precluding network operator traceback of the spoofed attack initiator traffic. This helps mask the attack traffic generation infrastructure, making it less likely that the attack origin can be traced compared with other UDP reflection/amplification DDoS attack vectors.”

A driver in the Mitel systems contains a command that performs a stress test of status update packets, and can theoretically produce 4,294,967,294 packets across 14 hours at a

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