Innovative Tech Solutions Will Transform the Way We Use Data

All the world collects information, but few businesses know how to use it truly effectively. Gathering data is the easy—and inexpensive—part. What’s harder is determining how to analyze the information into meaningful insights and then implement processes and procedures based on those findings to make businesses more effective, efficient and profitable. That’s where the true value of data lies—as well as the opportunity.

Today, several of the most valuable organizations in the world are data-driven companies, such as Facebook and Amazon. Data is their key and fundamental asset and they’ve constructed whole business models around using data as an advantage over competitors. The good news is that data mining and analysis can also help any size company in virtually any industry or region be more successful. The key to unlocking that potential is understanding how to use emerging technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, drones and internet of things (IoT) to gain more valuable insights.

“It’s imperative that everyone starts to look at data as an asset. It’s just not for operations, it’s not just a by-product of your digital products,” said Mechie Nkengla, CEO and chief data strategist at Data Products LLC and a member of CompTIA’s AI Advisory

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