Internet service returns to Burkina Faso and Yemen after coup, bombings

Some internet service has returned to the residents of Yemen and Burkina Faso after violence in both countries led to outages over the last week. 

NetBlocks, an organization tracking internet access across the world, said internet was restored in Yemen after a four-day, nation-wide outage. 

At about 1 am local time on Friday, Yemen suffered a total internet blackout due to air strikes on a telecommunications hub in the port city of Al Hodeida. 

Some online shared photos of a telecommunications building damaged by bombs. The Associated Press eventually confirmed that the attack on the telecommunications hub in Al Hodeida was part of a larger aerial assault on Yemen’s Houthi rebels by a Saudi-led coalition. 

The Houthis now run the state-owned monopoly that controls the country’s internet access, TeleYemen. A news channel in Yemen said the attack on the telecommunications hub killed an unknown number of people. 

“Visual reports appeared to corroborate initial reports of a strike. Al Hodeida is the main landing point for internet connectivity in Yemen, hosting the undersea FALCON and SEA-ME-WE 5 cables that route via the Red Sea,” NetBlocks explained in a report. TeleYemen uses the FALCON cable to connect much of the country’s western population to the

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