Interpol and Nigerian police bust cybercrime BEC ring

Interpol and the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) arrested 11 people allegedly involved in a “prolific” cybercrime ring known for running Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams that targeted thousands of companies around the world. 

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In a statement, the law enforcement agencies said the NPF and Interpol’s National Central Bureau in Nigeria coordinated to conduct the raids in Lagos and Asaba between December 13 to December 22. Some of those arrested are allegedly members of a cybercrime network called ‘SilverTerrier.’

After the raids, police found one suspect with a laptop containing more than 800,000 potential victim domain credentials, and in total, the group was connected to BEC criminal schemes targeting more than 50,000 organizations. 

According to Interpol, one suspect was spying on conversations between 16 different companies and their clients, planning to divert funds when transactions were about to be made eventually. Interpol found other evidence implicating another person in a range of BEC crimes across Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria.

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