iOS 15, Windows 10 and Google Chrome Hacked During the Tianfu Cup Contest

During the weekend of 16th -17th October, a hacking competition took place in China, more specifically in Chengdu’s Sichuan province. The most prestigious and biggest competition in this sense in the country is called Tianfu Cup, basically a Chinese version of Pwn2Own.

16 Popular Software were targeted in the hacking contest and all, but three of them could be breached by the ethical hackers who took part in the competition.

What Was Targeted and What Eventually Was Hacked?

The targets were announced back in July to give participants three to four months’ time to prepare and come at the competition with original exploits with the possibility of a prize if successful. The participant ethical hackers could successfully breach Windows 10, Adobe PDF Reader, Ubuntu 20, Parallels VM, iOS15, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, ASUS AX56U router, Docker CE, VMWare ESXi, VMWare Workstation, qemu VM, and Microsoft Exchange.

Basically, the participants managed to hack all the proposed targets, except for 3 which were: Synology DS220j NAS, the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11, and a Chinese electric vehicle (there is no information on the brand whatsoever).

In the figure below you can see how many times the targeted software were successfully hacked.


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