iPhone users: Google Chrome browser on iOS is getting these five new features

Image: Maria Diaz / ZDNet

Google has updated Chrome for iOS so that it can automatically fill in the password for any app and is bringing four other features to improve its browser for the iPhone and iPad. 

Chrome also has a password manager – Google Password Manager – for desktop and Android and now its service is getting a boost on iPhones and iPads. 

“On iOS, you can set it up as your Autofill provider so Chrome can help you quickly and securely create, store and fill in your passwords into any website or app on your iOS device,” Google Chrome product manager Nasim Sedaghat said in a blogpost announcing five new features for Chrome on the iPhone.

The move brings Chrome on iOS closer to Apple’s iCloud Keychain password manager, which lets users sign in to most apps and websites with an Apple ID. The password autofilling feature should help make Chrome more useful on the iPhone. While Chrome is the most widely used browser on Windows desktops, the iOS version of Chrome has a user rating of just 3.6 out of five on the App Store. 

Google is also promising stronger protection from phishing and malware on iPads

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