iPhones Vulnerable to Attack Even When Turned Off

Wireless features Bluetooth, NFC and UWB stay on even when the device is powered down, which could allow attackers to execute pre-loaded malware.

Attackers can target iPhones even when they are turned off due to how Apple implements standalone wireless features Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC ) and Ultra-wideband ( UWB) technologies in the device, researchers have found.

These features—which have access to the iPhone’s Secure Element (SE), which stores sensitive info–stay on even when modern iPhones are powered down, a team of researchers from Germany’s Technical University of Darmstadt discovered.

This makes it possible, for example, “to load malware onto a Bluetooth chip that is executed while the iPhone is off,” they wrote in a research paper titled “Evil Never Sleeps: When Wireless Malware Stays On After Turning Off iPhone.”

By compromising these wireless features, attackers can then go on to access secure info such as a user’s credit card data, banking details or even digital car keys on the device, researchers Jiska Classen, Alexander Heinrich, Robert Reith and Matthias Hollick of the university’s Secure Mobile Networking Lab disclosed in the paper.

Though the risk is real, exploiting the scenario is not so straightforward for would-be

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