Is Hacktivism Good or Bad? How Could It Affect Your Business?

When the term hacktivism is discussed the first thing that comes to our mind is the Anonymous collective. But is hacktivism good or bad? Let’s talk!

The concept of hacking: The attempt to exploit a computer system or private data inside a device. Simply put, the illegal access to a network system for some malicious purpose. 

Hacktivism: the practice of gaining unauthorized access to a computer to carry out several disruptive actions to achieve social or political goals. Hacktivism is also the act of hacking a website or device in order to send a social or political message. 

When hearing of a massive cyberattack, we instantly think about the responsible person as being a bad person. We believe that the individual is often a cybercriminal stealing personal data for financial reasons. Still, more and more hackers, better-called hacktivists known for targeting network systems, don’t do it for personal gain but to social change or promote a message. 

Take the recent cyberwar on Russia example where hacktivist collective “Anonymous” is officially in cyberwar against the Russian government. They hacked the Ministry of Defence database to defend “people’s honor.” Additionally, Anonymous went on to hack Russian State TV channels and Netflix-like streaming

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