Is your company testing security often enough?

A crucial component of securing a software system is having independent security experts test it for security flaws. But how often should you have this done?

Short answer: frequently. Probably more frequently than you currently are.

Security is an ongoing process: you’ll need to regularly reassess your system for vulnerabilities. If you want to do it right, though, cadence matters. The right reassessment interval for most apps is every three to six months. Some require more or less frequency, but most fall into this range. However, many companies think about security only annually or every two years. Some consider it even less frequently than that. 

People tend to follow these inappropriately long timelines because somehow the idea of “annual” testing has become a commonly referenced idea. However, the world changes rapidly, especially when it comes to technology — this inherently changes your security posture since your last round of security testing. Furthermore, attackers are evolving at a relentless pace — if you aren’t reassessing your security often enough, it’s only a matter of time before they have the advantage. 

But it’s not too late to get back on schedule! 

The risk of waiting to reassess

First, let’s talk about why you

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