IT-OT Convergence: Taking the Right Security Measures

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Governance & Risk Management , Legacy Infrastructure Security , Operational Technology (OT)

Meralco’s Mel Migriño on How to Ensure OT Security Suparna Goswami (gsuparna) • September 13, 2021     Mel Migriño, vice president and group CISO at Meralco

In addition to doing asset inventory, it is important to profile the risks of each asset to ensure OT security, says Mel Migriño, vice president and group CISO at Meralco, the largest power distribution unit in the Philippines. (See: Applying ‘Zero Trust’ to OT Environment)

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“It is important to identify security risks with each asset and how they can impact your current environment, assuming these threats are actually realized. And then once you have that, then you should design appropriate controls,” she says.

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