J3rryBl4nks’s PEN-300 Approach

Guest post by J3rryBl4nks, OffSec student and OSCP holder

My PEN-300 Approach

My name is J3rryBl4nks. I have been in roles in information technology for 17 years. I started out as a first-tier customer support technician, then worked my way up as a developer to become a development manager and software architect.

I then pivoted into infosec and am currently an information security engineer. My responsibilities include application security review at a code and architecture level, application security testing, network security testing, red teaming, consulting with third parties and partners on their own technology, running the company bug bounty program, and whatever else falls into my lap on a given day.

My pivot into infosec started largely with getting my OSCP certification. Offensive Security produces incredible quality in their courses and their Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defenses course is no different.

While reading the PEN-300 materials and working through the exercises and labs (I have completed all six challenge labs now), I have learned an incredible number of techniques and fundamental concepts that I have been able to immediately apply to my work.

PEN-300 not only gives examples and techniques, it explains the fundamentals behind each of these in

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