Learn how to do application security right in your organization

The number of web applications continues to grow every year, and they remain a primary area of focus for cybercriminals and other malicious actors. Web apps are — by far — the top hacking vector in data breaches, accounting for approximately 90% of the 1,610 incidents tracked in Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report. 

“The conventional solutions to application security problems tend to be completely backward,” says Ted Harrington, a renowned speaker, author and ethical hacker. “To stay ahead of cybercriminals, you have to learn how attackers think, how they operate and how they break systems.”

That’s why Harrington created his new 11-course Infosec Skills learning path, How to Do Application Security Right, named after his best-selling book. The learning path identifies cybersecurity misconceptions many organizations have about application security (AppSec). 

“Participants will walk away with very actionable, applicable advice at a strategic level that they can take back to their organizations and immediately implement,” Harrington says. “The stories, strategies and tactics you’ll learn in these courses are all based on decades of ethical hacking and security research. And you’ll learn the ultimate payoff: how to convert your security investment into a competitive advantage.”

Who needs application security training?

Harrington says

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