Learn Subscriptions: Course Structure and New Courses

With the Offsec Training Library (OTL) being a growing platform for continuous cybersecurity workforce development, we remain committed to delivering new content and expanding into new areas (dare we say, defensive security?).

Read on to learn more about cybersecurity workforce development, our new content structure, and the new courses for SOC Analysts, Penetration Testers, Web Application Developers, and Threat Hunters.

Cybersecurity Workforce Development With the OTL

A skills gap exists in the cybersecurity field between the demand for talent and the supply of talent available. With the urgency of this skills gap, we asked, what role could we play in improving these circumstances for the infosec community?

The sheer scale of the challenge in cybersecurity workforce development meant that it was time for us not just to bring attention to the skills gap, but play our part in providing a solution.

The OffSec Training Library (OTL) is a continuous cybersecurity workforce development platform that provides on-demand training for entry-level to advanced positions for roles such as: SOC Analyst, Penetration Tester, Web Application Developer, and Threat Hunter. The purpose of the OTL is grounded in the ongoing process of educating and empowering students so that they can tackle the

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