#LetsTalkSecurity – Security at the Speed of Change

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Rik Ferguson: [00:00:00] Haha, tricked you this time. I waited for the music to end and a little bit more, because it’s the final show in the season. So, I wanted to do things properly. You know, how properly I wanted to do things. I had a major panic just 20 minutes before we were due to go on air. When I looked in the mirror for the first time today and realized that the humidity had caused an extremely bad hair day, I had to run for you, all for you, and washed and combed and brushed and made myself look presentable. So here I am. Presentable for episode five of let’s talk security. The final episode in this season, we will be back for more. Trust me, this has been fun. This has been informative. It’s been engaging. Thanks to you. Don’t forget. We are here to answer your questions as well. I have plenty of questions for this week’s guest, but we’re coming at you live. We’re coming at, you live on LinkedIn. I’m on Twitter and on YouTube. So if you have questions, drop them in the chat. And we’ll make sure that we get

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