Link11 DDoS Report at Mid-year Reveals 33% More Attacks

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31st August 2021Link11, Europe’s leading IT security provider in cyber resilience, has published its annual Link11 DDoS Report for the first half of the year. The report shows that DDoS criminals were once again very active between January and June 2021, launching a record-breaking number of attacks.

The Link11 Security Operations Center (LSOC) recorded a third (33%) more attacks than in the same period last year in the DDoS record year of 2020. Attacks were already at a high level in 2020, and once again increased significantly in 2021, continuing unabated. Within the half-year, the number and power of DDoS attacks have once again increased noticeably. For example, LSOC registered 19% more attacks in Q2 than in the previous quarter. But this quarter was already characterized by a large number of attacks on vaccination centers and e-schooling platforms, among others.

High attack volumes combined with longer durations

The report

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