‘Long Live Log4Shell’: CVE-2021-44228 Not Dead Yet

The ubiquitous Log4j bug will be with us for years. John Hammond, senior security researcher at Huntress, discusses what’s next.

Jen Easterly, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), stated in a public news interview that the now-infamous Log4j flaw is the “the most serious vulnerability that [she has] seen in her career.” It’s not a stretch to say the whole security industry would agree.

December of 2021 will be looked back on with a tinge of trauma and dread for incident responders, system administrators and security practitioners. You all probably already know— on December 9, a remote code execution vulnerability was uncovered in the programming library named Log4j, which is nearly ubiquitous in Java applications and software used all across the internet.

It felt like this vulnerability affected, well, everything. On top of that, it was very difficult to determine what applications were vulnerable, and from what entry point.

The vulnerability made headlines and news articles with details about the threat were released left and right. Vendors came out of the woodwork—some explaining how they were affected, some helping the community with free resources—and others to pitch their product and capitalize on

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