Machine Learning in Cybersecurity 101

Machine learning is a term usually mentioned in contexts that actually refer to artificial intelligence or is used as a synonym. Let us have a closer look at what the terms artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning (another common notion used in relation to AI) really mean and how machine learning can be useful in cybersecurity. 

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a technique used for teaching a computer to learn from its inputs without the need for explicit programming in every situation. Reasoning, finding meaning, generalization, and learning from past experience are all processes that are typically associated with intelligent beings and represent the goals of computers or computer-control devices that fall under the category of artificial intelligence. 

In other words,  AI is the machine‚Äôs ability to carry out human-like reasoning tasks, while ML is the approach used to teach a machine to think, act, and react just like a human being would.

The other term introduced at the start of this article, deep learning, refers to a set of approaches for implementing machine learning that detects patterns of patterns, such as image recognition. The systems first detect object edges, then a structure, then an object type,

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