Mandiant: Belarusian disinformation operation pushes phony organ harvesting tale

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May 19, 2022 | CYBERSCOOP

A hacking group associated with the government of Belarus and aligned with Russian interests “leveraged compromised assets” to push a false story about an alleged Polish criminal ring harvesting organs from Ukrainian refugees to illegally traffic in the European Union, researchers with the cybersecurity firm Mandiant said Thursday.

The previously unattributed activity was the work of Ghostwriter, which Mandiant formally linked to the Belarusian government in November 2021.

The revelations were just part of a rundown of a portion of the multiple ongoing information operations related to Russia’s assault on Ukraine playing out for select audiences around the world using inauthentic social media accounts, fnews organizations, personas and hacktivists that may or may not be state-aligned.

“The recent phase of Russian aggression toward Ukraine, manifested by Russia’s full-scale invasion, has flooded the information environment with disinformation promoted by a full spectrum of actors,” the researchers wrote in an analysis published Thursday morning. “Concerted information operations have proliferated, ranging from cyber-enabled information operations, including those that coincided with disruptive and destructive cyber threat activity, to campaigns leveraging coordinated and inauthentic networks of accounts to promote fabricated content and desired narratives

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