Mandiant links Belarus to Ghostwriter campaign, which leaked stolen data and pushed disinformation

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Nov 16, 2021 | CYBERSCOOP

The Belarusian government is partially responsible for a years-long influence operation targeting Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, according to research published Tuesday.

Operation “Ghostwriter,” a propaganda campaign that has pushed fabricated narratives about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and COVID-19, among other topics, is the work of people in Belarus, including the country’s military, as part of an overall effort to hack and leak information, pollute political discourse with amplified narratives, and collect intelligence, according to the threat intelligence firm Mandiant, which has tracked the group for years.

Investigators, including from the European Union, previously suggested that the operation aligned with Russian interests, as the social media campaigns apparently sought to sow mistrust in NATO’s military presence in Eastern Europe, a frequent goal of the Kremlin.

The findings show that complex information operations once associated with Russia and China have become more common, Ben Read, director of Mandiant’s cyber espionage team, told CyberScoop.

“The tools, the idea of doing these things, is accessible to a lot more people,” he said. “It’s a much more complicated field than five years ago.”

The Ghostwriter group is accused of harvesting stolen passwords, leaking hacked data

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