Marine Services Giant Hit by Clop Ransomware

Marine Services Giant Hit by Clop Ransomware

An APAC marine services multi-national appears to have become the latest victim of the prolific Clop ransomware gang.

Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) has provided crew and ships for specialized tasks such as anchor handling, platform supply and seismic surveys for over 45 years.

However, its name recently appeared on the extortion site of the Clop ransomware group, according to SOS Intelligence. The attackers are claiming the Singapore-based firm has revenues of $3bn, which would make it an attractive target for extortion.

An SPO statement admitted that an incident had taken place and had taken action to mitigate its potential impact.

“It takes a serious view of any cyber-attack or illegal accessing of data or any unlawful action that potentially compromises the privacy or confidentiality of data and will not be threatened by such actions,” it continued.

The firm said it has reported the incident to the relevant authorities and is notifying “potentially affected parties” about the attack, indicating that data has been stolen. The firm’s site was also down at the time of writing.

Gary Veale, UK regional director at Vectra, argued that organizations need to take a more proactive stance regarding cybersecurity.

“This is a

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