Meet Nord Security: The company behind NordVPN wants to be your one-stop privacy suite

NordSec’s Tom Okman is working on a proof-of-concept that “might render antivirus systems useless.” 

[Note: Since this article was first published in May 2020, the company has made some changes, including to its name. No longer is it NordSec (which conflicted with an established conference). Now, it’s Nord Security.]

The company behind NordVPN has big plans to offer a threat protection suite, a “different kind of antivirus system,” and protect your privacy at the edge of a network. But before that vision becomes reality, Nord Security, the company that counts NordVPN as its flagship, will have to win over consumers and businesses to expand. As we’ll show, in February of 2022 it did, by merging with Surfshark, a rival VPN provider.

Welcome to our in-depth look at the folks behind NordVPN. As the company moves into a broader range of security products, we felt it was important to understand the company’s offerings and, perhaps more important, the company’s background and legal foundation. After all, Nord Security co-founder Tom Okman said if he delivers on his 2025 ambition, the company “will be a global synonym of digital privacy and cybersecurity.”

Today, Okman oversees one of the most popular virtual private network services globally.

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