Meta and Twitter want a review of Australian government's social media laws next year

Meta and Twitter have called for Australia’s federal government to review the effectiveness of the country’s digital platforms regulation in light of the passing of the Online Safety Act, along with anti-trolling and online privacy laws currently being under consideration.

Both tech giants made these demands in submissions to the Select Committee on Social Media and Online Safety, with Twitter writing that the committee should conduct a review of the online safety space in Australia one-year from its initial report, which is due next month.

The Select Committee on Social Media and Online Safety was established late last year to inquire into the practices of major technology companies and consider evidence relating to the impact social media platforms have on the mental health of Australians. 

The committee’s inquiry was approved by the federal government with the intention of building on the proposed social media legislation to “unmask trolls”.

Twitter said the recent passing of the Online Safety Act and the government’s federal probe only running for three months is not enough time to effectively implement digital platforms legislation.

“With the range of factors that need to considered to holistically advance online safety, we therefore ask for the timeline be extended for the Select Committee Inquiry into Social Media and

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