Microsoft confirms tabs are coming to Windows 11's File Explorer. But here's what's more interesting

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft officials are using the company’s April 5 Windows hybrid work virtual event to showcase Windows 11 features they believe will be important to business users. Unsurprisingly, that means security and management capabilities, such as the new Remote Health add-on for Intune. It also means a handful of other Windows 11 features already in testers’ hands.

Microsoft has not been willing to disclose how many of the combined 1.4 billion Windows 10 and 11 customers are currently running Windows 11. But some company watchers estimate as many as 80 percent of these people are still using Windows 10 — especially business customers who don’t see Windows 11’s features to be must-haves and/or don’t have PCs that meet the minimum CPU/TPU requirements.

Microsoft Executive Vice President and Chief Device Officer Panos Panay highlighted a number of “experiences” coming soon to Windows 11 customers in his April 5 blog post timed for the event. Microsoft officials have been using the term “experiences” to refer to features that the team has decided to deliver ahead of the once-yearly feature update to Windows 11 (which this year will be Windows 11 22H2, expected around October). 

In February 2022, Microsoft rolled out the

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