Microsoft disrupts activity of Chinese hackers by seizing 42 websites

Dubbed Nickel by Microsoft; the group of Chinese hackers was actively using the now seized websites for intelligence gathering from thanks tanks, human rights organizations, and government agencies.

The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit disrupted the activities of a hacking group based in China after a federal court allowed the company to seize the websites used by the group. Reportedly, the hacking group identified as Nickel was targeting organizations in 28 different countries, including the USA.

Microsoft Seizes Websites of Nickel Hacking Group

According to court documents, a federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia agreed to allow Microsoft to seize Nickel’s websites. The organization could cut off the group’s access to its victims, and the websites could no longer be used to execute attacks as the traffic was redirected to Microsoft servers.

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Microsoft suspects that the attacks were geared towards intelligence gathering as the group mainly targeted human rights organizations, think tanks, diplomatic organizations, and government agencies.

Microsoft’s Statement

Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Customer Security and Trust, Tom Burt, stated that the company has notified impacted customers about the attacks. Microsoft states it

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