Microsoft: Russia has launched hundreds of cyberattacks against Ukraine

Microsoft warns it saw six Russia-aligned, state-sponsored hacking groups launch over 237 cyberattacks against Ukraine starting in the weeks before Russia’s February 24 invasion.

Microsoft has released an in-depth report detailing how Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine were “strongly correlated” or “directly timed” with its military operations in the country. 

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For example, on March 1, several Kyiv-based media companies were struck by destructive and information-stealing malware, which coincided with a missile strike on a Kyiv TV tower on the same day. 

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Then on March 13, a suspected Russian nation-state actor stole data from a nuclear safety organization, aligning with Russian troops seizing the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power plant.

The report takes a closer look at Russia’s use of destructive malware during and before the invasion, the first of which was discovered by Microsoft in mid-January and dubbed WhisperGate. The combination of cyber and military points to Russia’s hybrid warfare strategy, according to Microsoft. 

“Russia’s use of cyberattacks appears to be strongly correlated and sometimes directly timed with its kinetic

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